Creative Chakra Balancing Sessions
With Carolyn & Creative Chakra Chimes


Adding FUN

Book Butterfly Drawing Reading

 After YOUR Balancing Session...

What is your "Butterfly Heartwork" 

Mirroring Back to YOU 

About Your Stage in 

this Journey We Call Life?

 Have Fun & Yes

Colouring IS Required!

$10.00 With Chakra Balance Session

 $20.00 On Own



Soul Centering

Feeling Off & Out of Tune with Your Inner Guidance?

YOUR Energy Centers May Need Balancing!

Book YOU Chakra Balancing Session With Carolyn Now!

$30.00 for 30 Minute Session

(Include 2-3 Dates & Times You Would Be Available In Case Carolyn Isn't) 

When YOUR Chakra Energy Centers are blocked YOU start to notice areas of our lives where we feel "unwell"

 Life just starts to feel off balanced...unclear...exhausting!

Using the Healing Powers of the Kyanite Stone & Creative Chakra Chimes YOU will feel the release of these blockages as YOU Lovingly Release and Let Go

Download Creative Chakra Chimes for just $4.99!

 Keep Your Chakras balanced Each Day

Yes, YOU CAN Play it While Driving!!!